Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another recipe for fun with a bicycle

Sunrise with Bicycle


* 1 big hill near you where all the really nice houses are
* 1 insulated container of hot water, seasoned to taste
* 1-2 bready products
* 3-4 warm items of clothing
* 2-wheeled contraption (tandem good if doubling recipe)
(optional: 1 or more volcanic peaks, dormant or otherwise)

Rachel and Joe's procedure (adjust based on local conditions):
Set alarm clock for 5:30. Wake up frightened by loud reggae music. Heat water and season with tea leaves in insulated container. Add to tandem with the 1-2 bready products and 3-4 warm items of clothing. Pedal all ingredients except big hill and volcanic peaks over the Sellwood Bridge and up into the hilly neighborhoods to the west. Park bike on suitable corner, deploy warm clothing, tea, and bready things. Wait patiently for sun to rise. Oggle Mts. Hood and St. Helens. Enjoy!



Blogger SAM said...

Sounds amazing. Well, I've finally caught up with you. It sounds like you and Rachel are having a wonderful time in Portland??? So what takes you to Portland? What are you doing now besides living a carfree life? Hopefully, you frequently check your blog. Anyway, let me know how you guys are doing. Talk to you soon.

Shaun M. ( or

6:02 PM  
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