Friday, January 27, 2006


I recently received an email blurb about a Swiss product called Maxshopper. The concept is elegant. Maxshopper is a handcart that quickly converts to shopping cart or bike trailer. What it takes to go from cart to trailer is not immediately clear, but the idea has potential. Here is the blurb and a link to a video outlining (in a strange way) the concept:



In a recent note, Nick Thompson wrote, "Centerlines readers will be
interested to know, Whole Foods Market is setting up to test the
'MaxShopper transport system' in 4 Southern California locations as a
tool for people to reach stores on foot and by bicycle. The
'MaxShopper' is a pop up personal cart designed both for use walking
and as a bike trailer. Developed in Switzerland, where 6,000 have sold
in 18 months, the product rolls through the aisles, and checkout,
carrying 4+ bags of groceries. This project started when the managers
at the Whole Foods in Pittsburgh saw me ride into the parking lot
pulling mine (obtained via Vancouver, Canada because there is no US
distribution.) From there, Becky McLucas, with the company's Green
Mission initiative, picked up the concept as "something our customers
may really appreciate."

"My hope is to remove a few automobiles from our roads. Truthfully,
even drivers can use it stowed in the trunk to save the hassles of an
empty traditional cart. Product testing on LA sidewalks and streets
begins in February. Other regions in the Whole Foods chain are
interested. Progress depends on consumer reactions." (NCBW Centerlines Newsletter, #141 Friday, 01.27.06) [video]


I haven't had any luck finding a written product description, but I'll try to dig up something more concrete. In truth, the Bicycler Evolution trailer we have pretty much has us covered. But, the more the better for clever cycler gear, I say!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you can find descriptions in
German at the Web site where the
video lives, If
you click on the Union Jack icon,
it says the English version of the
site will be ready in 2003/2004!

Someone (me?) should import these
to the US.

Question: do you have the regular
Evolution trailer, or the heavy-duty
model? I'm thinking of getting one
for my weekly grocery run, and I
don't have a clear idea of the
difference in carrying capacity.

-- Paul

10:34 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

We have the heavy duty model. It will hold 4 paper sacks worth of groceries with room left over for small items. We also bolted 4 eyelets to the trailer sides so that we could bungee bulky items (TP, guitar case) to the top.

When I talked with the BikeFriday folks, they really pushed the heavy duty model unless you need the capability of quickly storing the trailer in its bin (only the smaller model does this).

1:01 PM  

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