Tuesday, June 07, 2005

On the road (off the bike)

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Between defending my master's thesis, moving out of our apartment, and beginning our summer road trip, I haven't had any free time to write here. We're criss-crossing the country this summer--for better or worse by car--seeing family and recharging in the woods. We have 2 bikes in tow (tough decision!) and plan to get plenty of riding in as well.

As soon as we make it to our first big stop in Maryland, I'll catch up on some ride reports. I have pictures back from my early spring passhunting expedition up Miller Peak, as well as a great ride in an obscure corner of Montana.

Since I didn't have any time for riding for "fun," I filled the void with lots of utility trips around town getting the onerable business of moving done. We had simplified our life to such a degree that, aside from commuting, errand riding was all but eliminated. I'd forgotten how much fun it is and will have to make an effort to ride more around town next fall.

Oh, and an interesting bike story from the trip thus far. On our way through the Black Hills in South Dakota, we came upon an out of commission tandem. We pulled off and walked back to meet the cheerful team, who were reattaching the drag brake cable. After ensuring they had what they needed, we drove ahead a few miles before pulling off for the night. An hour or so later, the team rode past and waved, the stoker now sporting a helmet with bridal veil. Cool honeymoon (I assume), and a wonderful couple! I wish them well for the rest of their adventure.


Anonymous scott clark said...

Hi--nice to see an update; hope the summer on the road is going well.

9:33 AM  

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